With a passion for preserving cultural heritage, we specialize in curating exclusive Balinese art pieces, making us the foremost destination for authentic, handcrafted artworks that directly support local artists.


Collective Sherpas is a travel-influenced clothing brand that incorporates culture and style into daily wear. Every culture has tradition, and within each tradition is a belief. And to cherish this set of beliefs is captivating. We believe that sharing this set of ideas fosters growth in all of us. That is why we deliver only handmade goods. Every Sarong is carefully woven and handpainted by artists in Bali, Indonesia. Additionally, all fabric is woven from pure 100 percent silk and cotton. Quality is of the utmost importance when sharing our product with the individual and the community. Experiencing the attention to detail and feeling the quality makes all the difference.

Bliss occurs after opening ourselves to the infinite possibilities of life.


We must not only do our part to support our local communities but also those around the world. Everyone can play a part in supporting one another, no matter how small it may seem. Collective Sherpas prides itself on believing that we are all part of an unimaginably vast spread network full of unique and beautiful individuals. By supporting us, you also help native Balinese to continue doing what they love. #SpreadLove


    Lookin & Feelin the vibes ☀️🏖️

    Thank you to everyone who has supported, I wish to continue this amazing journey with all of my friends and family alongside me.


    Congratulations to pak Wayan and his wife 🎉

    I had a wonderful time celebrating their love at a traditional Balinese wedding! 🎎✨


    “I get this Feeling… I wanna be WHERE you are!” 🌅🤍
    Words can’t describe the amount of love and support that the community has given to this ever growing family. Much Love, All Love 🙏🏽💙